Bellow you will find books and other resources to help in your process  towards healing in therapy. 

Recommended Purchases


Individual Therapy 


  • “The Reality Slap” by Russ Harris

  • “Love Sense” by Sue Johnson

  • “Mindfulness Series 3” (Audio) by Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • “Paper Therapy: Journaling for Better Mental Health” (Journal Prompts) by Jay Hill




  • “Hold me Tight” by Sue Johnson

  • “An Emotion Focused Workbook for Couples” by Jennifer Fitzgerald




“The Wisdom to Know the Difference” by Kelly Wilson


Phone Apps


  • Headspace

  • Mind Shift

  • Pacifica

  • Stop Breathe and Think

  • DBT 911 –Android

  • DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach –Apple

  • DBT Travel Guide


Audio Exercises


  • “The Reality Slap” Audio Mindfulness Exercises by Russ Harris

  • “Letting Go of Stress” Emmet Miller


Other Helpful Resources:


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