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“You look like you need some professional help..... Thanks!”

December 9, 2016



If you have heard this phrase "You need help", or something similar, you probably weren’t feeling very accepted and understood at that moment. It may have felt like they were saying you are broken and damaged. Then in an effort  to prove that you are fine and not broken you may avoid going to therapy.  Staying strong and continuing on-wards in your struggles. The fallacy is that being strong and needing therapy are not dichotomies but often co-exist. This response is a very human response based from the wonderful world of media.


You don’t need to be broken to go to therapy. Therapy is normal. Really, who doesn’t want to find tools to make life a little easier? When was the last time you heard someone say… “Man I wish life was harder, things are just way too easy right now."?


So in a small effort to continue bashing the stigma around mental health, I have come up with several good reasons to go to therapy. Reasons that don’t include being broken, damaged, or being crazy.

1. You want to become more comfortable within your life-  It’s normal to struggle with accepting life circumstances and