Have a Great Day Now

Simple, Happy, Connection with your Morning and a Friend

1. Create a morning blessing. A special morning blessing of thanks and gratitude can be stated or written in the morning, or created in advance. This blessing will help you shift into a place of ease and grace.

2. For your blessing, focus on a single and simple gratitude— such as appreciating your body, the warm bed that you slept on, the fresh water that brings you life and health, and the relationships that bring joy.

3. Make a point of appreciating one new thing each morning.

4. No gratitude is too small or simple.

5. Have your morning blessing at your bedside or someplace you will remember it. You can even tape it to the bathroom mirror.

6. At some point in the morning, repeat your blessing and notice how it changes your day and makes you feel.

Adapted by Ben DeJesus, LCSW

Altman, Donald (2016-01-01). 101 Mindful Way To Build Resilience: Cultivate Calm, Clarity, Optimism & Happiness Each Day (Kindle Locations 325-332). PESI Publishing & Media. Kindle Edition.

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