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Walking into therapy can feel uncomfortable; you don't know what to expect and you don't know if it will work. There are uncertainties... but have courage, open up, and explore new opportunities to heal from life's scars .


Therapy can help uncover negative self-beliefs and build flexibility to see the underlying peace and inner strength.


Anchoring yourself with new positive relationships and mending old ones is possible despite pain and fear. Healing with others in this process add's to your foundation and strengthens your resiliency to emotional pain. 


Finding the best fit with your counselor is one of the biggest factors in whether therapy will be successful or if falls short. A strong focus is placed upon making sure you feel comfortable in session. Building this new relationship will give the support needed to accept the unchageables and make the changes towards a value-oriented, meaningful life. 



Individual Therapy
(Eye Movement Desensitization
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

-Improve ability to manage emotions

-Enrich your relationships

-Build stability and safety

-Decrease shame & build empathy


Group Therapy
(Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

-Building Awareness. 

-Skills to improve coping with difficult emotions. 

-Crisis Management

-Improving Relationships to get your needs Met. 

Couples Therapy
(Emotion Focused Therapy)

-Build a supportive partnership.

-Strengthen commitments  

-Increase connection and intimacy.

-Learn ways to meet partner's needs


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Western Skies Business Center

1166 E Warner Rd. #101T

Gilbert AZ, 85296

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Private Pay (Sliding Scale)

Group 90 min.: $20

Individual 50 min.:$85

Initial 90 min. Consultation: $115

Private Pay (Sliding Scale)

Group 90 min.: $20

Individual 50 min.:$85

Initial 90 min. Consultation: $115

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