The DBT Connection

The AZ Network of DBT Therapists and Groups




The DBT Connection


The DBT Connection is a group of independent therapists who are working together to provide many of the services of an agency but in a private practice setting. This program is built to be flexible but largely uniform. This program is designed to provide individual and group therapy at variable levels of intensity based on the needs presented.

Generally, the program is geared towards providing individual therapy at minimum 1x a month and group therapy weekly. The intensity can be extended to having multiple Individual Therapy multiple sessions a week and group 1 to 2x a week. 


Individual Sessions: Can be scheduled with any of the therapists found under the therapist tab. Individual sessions can be scheduled from 50 min to 90 min depending on treatment and therapist recommendations.

Group is generally scheduled 1x a week for 90 min. Group locations and times will be updated under the Group Location tab.