Specializes in treating trauma, working with adolescents, and faith based issues. 

Yvonne Agosto, LAC



Graduate of Adler with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  Specializes in Trauma and Working with Adolescence


Yvonne was born and raised in Chicago, ​she is new to the Phoenix/Gilbert area.  ​Yvonne began her interest in Clinical Mental Health while at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School​, while pursuing a Masters in Divinity​. Her interest in becoming a therapist came from personal experiences ​volunteering within ecclesiastical organizations. ​ ​Yvonne saw deficiencies in how many well-meaning clergy approached pastoral ​​counseling​ and saw the damage that arose due to their lack of professional training in psychology.   ​Her passion to help others ​using faith ​and practical clinical tools ​to overcome ​life's challenges drove her to​ ​immediately ​gain​ education in Mental Health Counseling​ after she finished her degree and graduated from Trinity​.


​While working at Heartland Alliance as a Case Manager, ​she was introduced to Adler school of Psychology in Chicago and was accepted ​with a scholarship to their program. Adler was the perfect place ​to continue her education in counseling ​due to the dynamic differences and insight she gained from a program based in social justice and humanistic values.  This balance in both conservative and liberal education allowed her to become a well-rounded and pragmatic thinker that believes in respecting people and meeting them wherever they find themselves in life.


After graduation from Adler, she began working as a Crisis counselor in the North Western suburbs of Chicago doing screening assessments and providing additional support services.  She worked with children and adolescents from the age of 5 to 17, providing short-term crisis therapy to with the intention of helping them either keep out of the hospital or continue the work that was begun at the hospital. From there, she moved on to working at OMNI Youth Services in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, where she worked with at-risk adolescents with substance abuse issues, anxiety, depression and other life challenges. 


In search of adventure and a new home she moved to the Phoenix Area.. She works with unaccompanied minor program which serve youth who traveled from their homeland into the United States without their parents. She helps them work through the trauma they experienced in their journey and the challenges they are currently facing. 


Yvonne strives to follow the professional ethical codes set by the American Counseling Association.  Yvonne strives to guide her clients to find inner strength, believe in themselves, and lead them to the answers they seek within themselves; no agendas are pushed and everyone’s values respected.  Religion and spirituality are only addressed if requested; She uses individualized therapeutic tools for every client. Her area of expertise are working with self-esteem building, emotion regulation, depression/sadness, anger management, and trauma. She also works with adolescents, adults and couples.  Yvonne speaks fluent Spanish.

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